Empowering a Green Environment and Economy

​​​About EGE2:

EGE2, founded in April 2009 as a limited liability company (LLC), has two co-founders, Hughey Newsome and Dr. Jalonne White-Newsome (CEO).  EGE2, Empowering a Green Environment and Economy, is not just a business, but a mission.  Our business provides an array of services that all promote the empowerment of a green environment and economy.  In addition, it gives its clients the tools necessary to take advantage of the emerging green economy and the opportunities that are constantly emerging with this new standard of business and living.  We are excited with what the world is becoming and want to help clients gain from this change and share in our excitement.

Dr. Jalonne L. White-Newsome is also a Federal Policy Analyst for WE ACT for Environmental Justice (WE ACT) staffing their Washington, DC Legislative office. In this capacity, she engages in advocacy and education on Capitol Hill, while monitoring Administrative actions, to ensure an environmental justice perspective is included in legislative and regulatory conversations on a variety of environmental issues. Jalonne coordinates a national coalition of environmental justice leaders called the Environmental Justice Leadership Forum on Climate Change (www.ejleadershipforum.org) , and is also co-chair of the Urban Air Toxins Workgroup for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Act Advisory Committee (CAAAC). Prior to joining WE ACT, Jalonne was a post-doctoral fellow with the Union of Concerned Scientist’s Climate and Energy Program, and spent several years in various environmental roles in the private sector. A proud native Detroiter, Jalonne holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Northwestern University and a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Southern Methodist University, and a PhD in Environmental Health Sciences from the University of Michigan School of Public Health. 

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Email: jalonne@umich.edu

Twitter: @drj_ege2